Online casino – Building your skills


Gambling was always a big part of human’s culture, even it can sometimes produce an addiction and lead the one in the wrong way. But we cannot blame gambling industry for that obviously. Going to brick and mortar casinos has always been a bit of prestige, so not a big number of people can actually go the real casinos. Some of them don’t have enough money while some of them simply don’t have opportunity because they live nowhere close to the land based casino. Thanks to the internet and technology advancement, we have online casinos. In these virtual casinos, you can play everything you could play in the real casino. The only difference is you don’t have to go outside your room to have that. But online casinos are more than that – these casinos can help us in learning and developing gambling skills before hitting the real casinos.

Real Money BlackJack

Due to the large number of possible games you can play in these virtual casinos, we can significantly improve our gambling skills. Almost all online casinos offer playing for virtual money, in order to learn how to manipulate with the money when gambling.

hts_imac_03Some casinos also offer training rooms where you can learn a lot of useful things that can help you in gaining some cash. Of course, beside the trainings you will also get some free useful tips and advice for better and prominent playing. If you decide to have a training, you will get your personal trainer with significant gambling experience to teach you some basic tricks and tips. Of course, these trainers have years and years of gambling experience, which is crucial for your development.

Another thing which is great when you play or practice in online virtual casino is the possibility of setting your atmosphere. Instead of crowded room where everybody wants to be at the table playing, you can play in quiet and peaceful atmosphere, far away from the drunk people that shout every now and then. You can set your own music, or even watch movie while playing. This is one of the best features that online casinos offer – playing in your own atmosphere, while doing something else. Perfect for those capable of multitasking ! Online casinos also work 24/7 so there is no time when you are not allowed to gamble. Anytime you come, you are more than welcome !


Earning money has never been an easy thing, especially when it comes to gambling. First of all you must have huge experience in order to gain some big time money. Then secondly, you MUST have patience, since gambling is all about the patience. Not even to mention luck, which takes the third place, but the first two are crucial. Now you can see the difference between land based and online casinos – I’m sure that a patience is more easier obtainable for you when playing in online casino. So if you want to gather some gambling experience and practice your will and patience – online casinos are the right thing for you !

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My favorite Android pokies

mobile-pokerOnline casinos are became known and available during 1990s and since then, popularity of these games is in constant rising. These days you can find thousands and thousands of online casino games, both for PC and mobile devices. iPhone users have a little bit bigger advantage comparing to Android users, but still the competition between these two worlds is really fierce. Each day, hundreds of new casino apps such as pokies, are coming to the light of market. When it comes to pokies, you can find literally thousands of pokies applications for your mobile device – some of them are free while some of them require depositing cash for real money betting and gambling. Since I regularly play pokies on my Android device, I will write about some of the I usually play.


The Great Australian Android Pokie  (Yonder Trinidad) is one of my favorite choices due to its simplicity and cool graphic design. This pokie is actually a five reel machine, where 5 corks bring the highest number of coins, that is 1000. In case you hit the bonus game, it gets you 10 free spins. Bear in mind that this app is for fun only, since it can be played for free, which means there is no deposit required but that also means that you cannot score some money. Never mind, feel free to try it out – it perfectly kills time when riding on a bus.

Tomb-Raider-2-Video-SlotsTomb Raider (Spin Palace) has been played by a lot of people who like themed android pokies. This pokie is also 5 reel pokie, but it offers an adventure, in which you search for ancient relics, collecting you points by the way. It offers, also as the previous one, 10 free spins if you get Lara Croft’s symbol. This pokie received 4.5 out 5 stars, so you can understand this is great mobile pokie for your Android phone.

6-Game-of-Thrones-Slot-MachineGame of Thrones is also themed pokies, designed on the basics of well-known franchise, The Game of Thrones. There is no need to speak too much about it – if you have watched this series, everything will be understandable to you. The figures you get are taken from the real serial, so the experience will be realistic 100%. The fictional background is taken from seven kingdom of Westeros.

Thunderstruck001Thunderstruck is relatively new mobile pokie app with 9-payline slot, and Wild symbol (which is Thor by the way) that can double your payout. The wild and scatter symbols can give you free spins also. Thunderstruck is developed by team from SpinPalace, so in order to play this mobile pokie, you must go to for Android, download an app and create an account and then find it in the list of games and play it.

These were some of my favorite mobile pokies, but some of them I haven’t mention in this article. Whichever you choose, it is guaranteed that you will have fun and entertainment, so feel free to pick one that suits you best. Good luck !

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Jackpot Slots – android pokies


The term pokies has been using mostly by Australian people, in order to describe the games played on so called slot machines. This type of machine can be seen in every casino, and this is the machine that produces that famous “casino money-counting” sound. It is also the essential part of brick and mortar casino’s atmosphere, but it is also essential when it comes to online gambling.A lot of people has started playing online pokies, partly because they are simple and also because they are available for Android and iOS operating systems.

charles-fey-liberty-bellPokies have been invented by Charles Frey, in the 19th century in California. You probably know about bar, fruit and bell symbols on pokies – they come from this period, since they originally were implanted in the first pokies. I don’t know have heard, but these games were illegal at that time (since there were no something like Gambling Association or similar company that regulated this gambling) but still, they found their way all the way to the Australia, getting their first legalization in 1956.

These days,  we almost do everything using our mobile phones, Therefore, Android mobile phones support a huge variety of online pokies that can be played for real or virtual money. The main advantage of Android pokies is that you can play them while you are waiting for your bus or while waiting in a line to pay your bills. Of course, these application support flash technology which means that you will enjoy in smooth and extravagant graphics. For example, I will tell you few words about progressive Jackpot pokies , an app that has over 12 million downloads !

This application is packed with limitless themed machines, exciting bonus games that will provide hours and hours of entertainment ! Real-time tournaments are implemented for more realistic experience and the possibility of playing against some of your best friends. If you want to save your progress, you can simply connect your account to the Facebook account you use and get back whenever you want to continue your progress. Beside this synchronization feature, there some other features that make this Android pokiedistinguishable :

  • 60+ unique slot machines

  • High payout bonus games

  • Massive jackpots

  • Daily special rewards like free spins or faster level up

  • Free gifts

  • Free coins

big_image_winner_casinoThere also many more of these features, and the list is keep getting updated by everyday !A tons of positive reviews prove that Jackpot Slots are really cool online gambling application, strictly made for those who adore pokies and spinning machines. Like I have said earlier, you can play for free just for fun, or you can deposit some real money and get into the real action. This application is available for Android operating system on Google Store, while iOS version can be obtained on iTunes. All I can say about this application is that developers of the application did a hell of a job in recreating the casino atmosphere, which is often more important than the winning. I fully recommend you this application if you want to experience some online Android pokies.

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Incredible Ways To Earn Money: 5 Best Pokies For Your Android!


  1. Slotomania

If you like your pokies looking traditional and modest, you should definitely install Slotomania on your Android device. This app is completely free and it will amaze you with is 5 reels and 14 paylines. Not only that the items look a bit old-fashioned, but they also look pretty neat, since they have had slight graphic improvement. Therefore, if you want to play a quality pokie, earn some money and have tremendous fun, definitely install Slotomania as soon as possible! You will not regret it!


  1. Starburst

In this amazing pokie will definitely blow you away!  At the same time, you will crash some jewels and watch them explode across the screen as you are making combos which you have only been dreaming of. There are numerous symbols that will explode, various and gemstones which will definitely make you feel excited about playing this amazing pokie game on your Android device.  Furthermore, this five-reel, 10-payline slot will definitely show you the time of your life, but that is not where the story ends!  On the contrary!  It is just the beginning of your amazing streak of luck and hopefully some substantial winnings! Fingers crossed and enjoy playing!

  1. Tomb Raider

For all the fans of Tomb Raider story this pokie is a real deal. Not only that you will be amazed with the 5-reel 15-payline pokie, but also you will get the chance to play idols and get huge rewards. If you would like to make some money easily, let Lara help you! The bonuses and the exciting symbols are just one more reason to play this incredible and completely free pokie on your Android device. The best part is the fact that you can play this incredible pokie anytime, anywhere – and you will be able to make some money, too! Isn’t that simply amazing?


  1. Mythic Maiden

mythic-maiden-slotsWondering if the occult and casino games ever even met? Well, then you have probably still haven’t heard of the Mythic Maiden! This mysterious 5-reel, 30-payline pokie isn’t your ordinary pokie. This is one amazing pokie which deserves to be installed on your Android device, ASAP! You will be absolutely amazed with the random multipliers (a.k.a Iron Maiden), as well as with the Free Spin Mode which can expand your winning by 10 times the sum! The best part of this pokie are of course its symbols, which are absolutely amazing and include a skull of a primate, a spell book, a creepy treasure chest and many more! Enjoy playing this incredible pokie!

  1. Boomanji

boomanji-ss-5357b74c70a0f8e40d8b5d3cThis amazing, colorful, fireworks inspired pokie is just the thing you have been looking for! Not only that the symbols are amazing, and that it includes the best graphic which has ever been seen in pokies, but it is tremendously fun and amusing. Furthermore, you will be able to see the symbols explode, but hopefully your account will also explode – with money that is! Spin the 5-reels 10-payline pokie and see how easily you win some serious cash. Also, the re-spins and wilds will take your breath away. Keep playing!

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Generally things about online casinos

Gambling still remains as a puzzling part of human’s brain, but generally it is known just enough to function as a shortcut to people’s money, used by casino owners and online gambling houses. Of course, in this era we live in, traditional brick and mortar casinos have a vital role in this multi-billion industry, but we cannot have this article without mentioning online casinos and online gambling.


Now, let’s get back to the past where it all started. In mid 1990s, a crucial law clause was passed in Antigua and Barbuda – the two twin island countries located in Caribbean sea – which granted gambling over the Internet, which resulted in creating of the first online gambling company, called Gaming Club that was the first one of that kind established legally. Since this period was pretty quiet when it comes to the online theft and fraud, there was no concern about these things, so people felt more free and comfortable about playing online casinos from their homes. In the beginning, there were too much people that played these games, so as I have said, the possibilities for fraud and theft were minimal.

As the number of players was reaching the top, safety and security protocols were beginning to emerge and be the crucial part in the player’s experience. This lead to the assigning government agencies to regulate this multi-billion industry. Some of countries that took the opportunity in this work are : Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, Isle of Man, which are also the first countries that implemented regulation laws and acts regarding the online gambling. Another great thing about the internet casinos is that they developed a system of third party, which acts as a online police force that makes sure that everything goes well – regarding playing, depositing and withdrawing money.

Since the creation of online casinos in 1990s, companies that create and design these online casino games had been engaged in the deadly battle for clients and profits. This was actually an excellent thing for everyday players because games were improved every single day in order to keep the customers and retain the profit. In this way, all the companies had to do their best to beat the competition and keep the loyal customers. Some of companies that have long history with nothing but positive feedback and comments are :Microgaming, Playtech and Betsoft.

Picking the right online casino with the best software such as Microgaming or others mentioned above is very important and can have a direct impact on the enjoyment of your overall android casino experience. Make sure you find out what casino software a particular company uses!


Due to the advancement of technology and computer science, internet gambling provides a wide range of games and betting opportunities. The majority of users still prefer traditional games like slots, blackjack or roulette. But these games are getting updated by every day, providing slight graphical variations in form of various themes that have roots in movies, games or popular culture. Plus, unlike in brick and mortar casinos, online casinos offer an option where you can play for virtual or real money, so you don’t have to be anxious about the finance. However, just make sure that the online casinos you choose to play has all the necessary security and safety protocols in order to have a great and joyful experience.

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Online casino software – pros without cons

Casino games are popular all around the globe, no matter where you go. For decades, gambling has been attracting a large number of people – sometimes for fun and socialization but sometimes because of the idea of earning money fast. Therefore, you have different types of casinos and according to that, different profiles of people who play these casino games. Some of the games might involve tactics, beside required luck that is the main reason why we get money in casino. So we can conclude that gambling can attract all kinds of people – people with different financial and social backgrounds.

shutterstock_109910405-620x400People usually go to casinos in order to gamble, but also to have fun with their friends. With the technology that is in development, we have a comfort of playing casino games from our home, without going anywhere. Also, you can play for real money or just for virtual money – whatever you like. Most casinos will let you play for virtual money in order to make you to want playing for real money – that is their tactics. Roulette, blackjack or slots are some of the games that can be played from your favorite chair. Often, when you find some online casino, you can choose to download licensed software for playing these games, or you can play a Flash version of these games, directly in your browser. Both options are ok, just make sure you choose a recognized online casino, in order to avoid cheating.

Usually, downloading the official online casino’s software is recommended for better experience than playing directly through your browser. This is due to fact that the first option will provide you with much bigger number of available games, plus your games will be loaded faster than in browsers. It just takes some time to download the client software, but it’s definitely worth of waiting.

892826-online-pokerThe first step is of course to choose your casino where you want to play. Then you must create an account, and input valid information like your name, address, email address and so on. Make sure you double check all the information, since you won’t be able to withdraw money if you input incorrect information. After you have done this, you can log in your account (after you get the confirmation link on your email address) and download the software. If you decide for downloading, instead of playing through browser, you will also get the necessary instructions. Having completed your downloading of software, you can log in to your account with the username and password you had chosen when you made a registration. Now, you can choose your favorite game and start playing.

Online casino software

Downloading the software is strongly recommended by professional online gamblers but also by online casino developers and programmers. Downloading the software, you are protected from theft and fraud, but also you get full support of online casino developers in case of problems. In other words, you use a legit software that was developed to bring the high-quality casino gambling experience. I’m sure you can’t name just a one reason why you shouldn’t download software for playing online casino games.

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